The history of social media 2.0 via Lisa Polster

I first heard about Facebook while working as an Executive Producer in Paducah, Kentucky in 2007.  We had a young staff full of employees who has just graduated from college.  We also had several interns working with us, while they finished their studies.

I started a Facebook account. It reminded me of a lot of my MySpace account from years earlier. At first I didn’t use the account for work, just posting pictures and reconnecting with old friends.

I first started using Twitter in 2008 when my boss in Paducah was talking about it. He said it was the next big thing for journalists.  He was right.  I also used Twitter and Tweetdeck at my next tv station in Baltimore.  Tweetdeck made it easy to see the new tweets coming in, in real time.

For personal life, I still really didn’t feel the need to use Facebook.  I completely agree with Dr. Newsome. It creates a negative energy that is unnecessary in the world and in your life.

My friends send me Facebook invites to parties and always have to follow it up with a call because I never look at them. 

I only use Facebook to monitor what other people are doing.

It’s been over ten years since I’ve started using FB and Twitter – Now, I use social media for a very specific reason.  I am on Twitter to promote my employees.  What I mean by that is, I use it to tell my employees how well they did on a story (only if they did well).  I use it to congratulate new hires and interns.  I call the theme of my twitter account “presidential.”  I call it that because I never (or almost never) post anything negative. I always keep it light or I tweet about current news stories.

I also use it as a means to promote the TV station I work for.  I use it to hire and recruit.

I like Twitter for business purposes because of its immediacy. We react to what other stations, especially what competitors are covering.  We can see breaking news as it happens and we can promote our brand.  We also use it as a way to drive viewers to the newscasts. In research we have done over previous years, we have found that audience members will turn to tv newscasts if they see the anchors and reporters post their stories on social media.

Here are some examples of my social media posts:

(Twitter Bio)

I recently posted a question to friends on Facebook asking which social media outlet they like the best.

Not shocking, but more people said they preferred Facebook and Instagram.  They did not like Twitter.

The Pew Research did not surprise me at all. More women use social media. Younger generations were the early adopters of social.

I am surprised that it appears that social media usage is leveling off. It doesn’t appear that more people are using it, but the same amount of users maintain.

After my research on Facebook, I am going to use Instagram more. It appears to me that people of all ages like it. They like to look at pictures. I think this is the next social media platform that will continue to grow. I also would like to use LinkedIn more. I don’t use it as much as I should. I get more candidates reaching out to me there, even when I do not ha

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